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Monday, May 16, 2011

"Blue Monday: 7 Nearly Blue Rooms"

I was delighted when I was approached by the online design firm, Design Shuffle ( an American social media site filled with Interior Design Ideas from top tier design talent from around the globe. Registration to this absolutely fabulous online design resource is free, and for those of you who love the world of interior design, contemporary, classic, eclectic or otherwise, I highly recommend you register.

I hope you enjoy this post, "Blue Monday: 7 Nearly Blue Rooms" written by Lindsay, one of the Design Shuffle team, and I look forward to sharing more from them, with you, in future.

While a hint of blue Mondays may leave one down and out, blue in the home is anything but. Blue comes in a bevy of tints and shades, its effects are almost always calm, cooling and meditative. Tints of blue in Robyn's Egg, Periwinkle, Sky and Powder work beautifully in the bedroom, office or as an exercise room. Even more vibrant shades with hints of green, think Peacock and Teal, are cool and calm in the living room or den. If you're hoping to incorporate a new, versatile colour into your interior design ideas, blue is definitely a great place to start.

The above room is an example of a vibrant shade of turquoise done in the bedroom. It may be bright, but the white and gray accents of the bed, nightstands and lamps, offset the shock and it's still calming.

In the bedroom, above, pale blue walls give off a cool, calming effect and are accented by similarly tints of blue in the bed's headboard, as well as the curtains. White of course works well here, but chocolate brown offers a surprising, though understated, pop of colour.

While this sitting room, above is another 'tropical' shade of blue, its vibrancy is well-balanced by chocolate, camel and ivory.

In this Nantucket beach house, above, the designer evokes oceanic blues and white throughout, but the high ceilings and beautiful, natural light of the bathroom, together with the pale blue walls, evokes an almost airy quality.

Deep navy walls are young, fresh and feminine, thanks to french mirrors, a Phillipe Starke Ghost chair, and bright pops of lipstick red.

The above classic pairing of white and a deep shade of cobalt blue is stately, yet serene in the drawing room of this villa on the island of Capri. It's one of the easiest interior design ideas to incorporate into your home because of its simplicity.

This room is actually mostly white, but the painted wooden floors in Robyn's Egg Blue together with the sunlight, create an unbelievably serene feeling, almost like the ocean.

These rooms are proof positive that blue can be calming, cooling, even vibrant, but never sad.

Design Shuffle

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Natural Winter Warmth

Natural, neutral, white & cream together, timeless, chic, warm, always works & looks divine