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Friday, March 13, 2009

Framing An Architectural Icon

Wayne Gillespie's name is synonymous with timeless, contemporary residential architecture & design. Known as one of Melbourne's most noted & respected urban architects in a career journey of 30 years (1941 - 2002), his design statement focused on the family home. Light, proportion, simplicity & space, were integral to the essence of his every project. The signature features of his style became, & strongly remain, immediately evident to anyone involved or interested in Australian contemporary architecture today.

His collaborations on over 20 projects with Paul Bangay,one of Australia's most renowned Landscape Designers, will forever remain iconic imprints of enduring Australian residential architecture, creating harmony & timeless appeal through his uncompromising command & vision for aesthetic & functional perfection for his work.

I often refer to his book for visual inspiration, & in doing so recently, came across possibly the simplest image of any included, but to me, it says so much of Wayne Gillespie's style - perfect symmetry & appreciation between natural beauty with line, space & light...

Have a gorgeous weekend :-)


  1. love the picture..the asymmetrical lines of the chairs and even the horizon and the sky.. beautiful...!
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for your enthusiasm as always Sasha, so glad you like it too! I know, the lines, the simplicity, the primary colour of the sky...peaceful. Keep up your gorgeous entries, I just love them, so inspiring & 'feel good', & you always find the best images. Thank YOU for sharing:-)