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Monday, March 30, 2009

Harmonious Design for Everyday Living

This book is an interior decorating bible...a really wonderful resource. I refer to it often to both align & extend my thoughts & ideas, & am constantly inspired...

"Creative planning helps a room achieve its greatest potential."

"For those who love strong colour and want to introduce in into their home, harmony lies in selecting a bold colour and layering it with confidence."

"The best kitchens are efficient home bases for cooking, relaxing and entertaining. Make yours a joy to come home to and a pleasure to work in."

"I love sharing food with family and friends. I want everyone to feel at home in my dining room, free to talk and laugh for hours around my table."

"Sharing objects and memories that are important to you is the most natural expression of your style."

"Decorating is not about imitating a style. It's about expressing your own."

"When a guest slips off her shoes and curls up on your sofa like a contented cat, take it as a compliment. You've served up the greatest luxury: True comfort."

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