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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Living In Style Everywhere...

Barclay Butera is a renowned & very fabulous American Interior Designer, having lived in Southern Carolina for almost 25 years. His style is synonymous with luxurious, sophisticated, classical interiors, largely the influences of own living environments for many years.

Included in the many sources of his inspiration are mid century Hollywood glamour, European chic, to the Exotic influences of the Far East. In his first & absolutely gorgeous Interior publication, " Barclay Butera: Living in Style" he profiles five themes in his work, each one able to combine & interchange with another, therefore creating personal style, & an ecletic mix of personality.: Town & Country, Mountain, Beach, Desert and City. His signature style includes "layering patterns upon patterns, textures upon textures" thus always creating luxurious, elegant, warmth & personality to every space he touches. In the introduction of his book, he says "...little details are what add personality and warmth to a home. I like to think of them as conversation pieces, they have a story to tell"...everything in a home should have meaning, & therefore reflect the personality of those who live in it.

I love his passion for his work, & appreciate his design principles " Designing a home should be fun and free of rules and regulations. I like to think of my aesthetic as liveable luxury, which can mean different things to different people, as long as it is about making a home warm and comfortable..."

..."I apply fashion principles to home furnishings, and this is the way I prefer to approach home design, with an eye toward the fresh and current, while maintaining a traditional and timeless aesthetic..."

I applaud Barclay Butera for how he so passionately expresses his style on every page with so much energy & commitment. Regardless of your style & your approach to decorating & design, exploring & at times adopting alternative design principles to our signature approach allows us infinite scope to express & incorporate the things we love love. Appreciating the little touches, elements of surprise, mixing old with new, classic with contemporary, ecletic combinations, the special pieces & personal treasures give a home it's personality, & these are vital ingredients that collectively help in creating happy, warm & welcoming living spaces.

"Mountain" Style

How divine is the barrel bedside table & the lampbase??

Town and Country:
Harmonious, luxurious & perfect proportion of scale. How interesting is his combination of the detail, such an ecletic mix, & each one a perfect compliment to the other piece.

"City" Design

I love the stud detailing in the armchairs, & again, fabulous focal points & decorative touches

Town and County

I love this bedroom. Elegant, cosy, luxurious, streamlined, chic, soft & relaxing colour palette

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