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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reflecting Yourself in Your Home

As Janet Holmes a Court wrote in the foreword of "The Making Of A House" by Janne Faulkner & Harley Anstee (2003), " Janne And Harley have taught us that fashion is but a passing thing, but innate style remains year after year, season after season. If you make a house to suit your needs, you will also find it a place of solace, contemplation and relaxation" She continues "it is not about keeping up with the Joneses, but having the courage to surround yourself with the things you love..."

These words are so true, for our home is a reflection of who we are, our personalities, what makes us happy, not about what we think we should have according to trends or what we think may or may not 'look right'...there is no right nor wrong, just what works for you, your family, that creates your haven that you retreat to at the end of every day.


  1. Hola Claire!
    Talking about houses...Everything Fabulous has a new house..I finally changed the template & art..!! I would love if you can stop by and let me know your thoughts! Hope you like it!

  2. A lovely post Claire, just how I feel too.

  3. Thanks Catherine, it's so important isn't it, having what you love around you and sharing with your family, friends, colleagues, clients...