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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Flynn Apartment At St. Agnes

When I first wrote about the delightful St. Agnes Homestead (at Kyneton) earlier this year, this apartment was very much under renovation. When I first saw it late last year there was little more than rubble, floor boards, & an unfinished openfire place (which sits on the otherside of this room, in the library area). The bathroom & library retreat were in very clear focus, just not quite ready for guest bookings. The day we visited it was bitterly cold, but despite the incomplete renovations, the mood was welcoming, cosy & very peaceful, & it was easy to imagine how relaxing it would be sitting by the fire relaxing away from the rush of the weekly pace of city life.

I have been invited back for a weekend visit, with plans ahead for a weekend designersecrets much fun would that be???

Yes, pack your bag & head to St. Agnes for the perfect weekend dose of R&R, Traudi & David will make your visit enchanting, welcoming & simply wonderful.

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