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Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Anderleigh", home for now

Everytime I come across another profile on a New Zealand property, I'm in awe of the interior design & appreciation for the landscape & natural beauty so strongly evident in it. "Anderleigh" is home to Auckland couple, Sally & Derek Holland, & another chapter in their stable of home building and renovation projects. Every home has a name, a family identity for which they are obviously passionately proud. Anderleigh is situated in Stanley Point, Devonport, & the result is simply stunning. The appreciation for the natural light, the palette of colours used, timeless, classic & a rich compliment to the landscape. Hues of coffee, white, french grey, latte & linen sit with collections of much loved pieces, each with their own story & beginning.
Every room & aspect of "Anderleigh" is visually enticing, welcoming & ready to least until the next brass nameplate. Their motto? "Never say Never". I love it.

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  1. There's a face I recognise. Lovely blog Claire - lots of yummy things to look at. I'll enjoy your future posts.