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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Having Fun With Fabrics & New Friends

Today was the last workshop for Series 3, & what a fabulous time we had! Over the past 4 weeks, we have had the pleasure of meeting & mixing with another wonderful group of women, who are now rejuvenated, refocused & re-energised about their respective design & decorating projects & challenges, & I am very excited about the new opportunities on the decorating horizon!
Today we discussed new bedlinen collections, colour & texture in fabric design, & why investing in the professional services of an interior decorator & designer proves time again to be such a worthwhile investment when building, renovating & redecorating. We discussed our ideal interiors, & whilst I love inviting friends into mine, I need to move to the peninsula to create it! As a result of this, I potentially have a new client from this workshop who is just delightful & I very much look forward to helping her create hers.
As always, the mornings began with a welcome coffee & chat, with a mid morning break to follow with treats to enjoy. Today was our "Girls Morning In", our tribute to breast cancer fundraising, so to compliment our cherry pink fabric theme, we enjoyed pink smiley cupcakes (they put a smile on everyone's face), strawberries, cherryripes & melon & guava mineral water!
I would like to make special mention of one of the lovely women I have met in this group, Deb. Last week she learned that her father is very sick, & although a very challenging and worrying time for her & her family, the prognosis sounds very positive which is wonderful news in itself. Deb, your smile & nurturing nature will make an enormous difference I'm sure to your father's recovery, & my thoughts are with you:-)
Also, a very special thanks to Bronwyn Paul for her time, enthusiasm & great support behind the lens, at our workshops by very quietly but so professionally capturing the energy and essence of what designersecrets is about. She is fast becoming an invaluable member of the team, & we would highly recommend her photographic expertise to one & all!
Wishing you all a fabulous Cup Weekend, I'm off to the peninsula in search of my coastal haven!

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