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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Essence of LIfe in Provence

Vicki Archer's latest chapter from Provence is "French Essence", a beautiful narrative & pictorial sequel to the divine "My French Life", & will absorb you from cover to cover & everything in between. When I purchased the book, I was told to make sure upon opening the book to look inside the cover for another stunning image...(the first of so many to follow)..Vicki's magnificient property in Saint takes your breath away.

When you're thoughts take you far away, to beautiful places...this is the book that will further inspire your dreams...culture, beauty, passion for enjoying life as it comes, .."French Essence" is a simply gorgeous celebration of living your dreams, living life, in Provence.

Vicki, thank you for sharing your dreams & inspiration with others.



    Hello Darling,
    hope your well.
    Did you know she has a blog, I have stuck the address for you at the top of this post.
    It's a lovely blog and you really can get lost in it.
    I love her books as you say it takes your breath away.
    Lovely post.
    much love,

  2. Dear Claire,
    Thank you for such a beautiful post - I am so touched and appreciative of your lovely words. xv

  3. I always love getting away from the chaotic cities. In the province you can relax take your time and have fun.

  4. I just love having vacation in province. The serenity and the warm welcome of the people are so comforting.