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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Finding the Perfect Title In a Beautiful Space...

Corrie Perkin loves writing & reading, & she absolutely loves books. It is therefore no surprise that she has recently opened an amazing bookstore in Melbourne's Hawksburn Village, aptly called, "My Bookshop". Loving a book or two myself, as well as finding new & gorgeous retail havens, I couldn't wait to visit! When you walk in the door, her enthusiasm & delight to share her new literary home makes you feel so welcome. It's inviting, enthralling, inspiring & the design a perfect compliment to the ambience that Corrie has created. It's all white, with simple, understated stylish touches that make it easy to linger longer.
In her November newsletter she writes "...our aim is to offer a safe place and stimulating environment to all our visitors, as well as plenty of events, discussions, promotions - & books, that engage, enthrall & entertain"
In today's weekend Age Magazine, M, Corrie quotes "Find a quote from your favourite book, highlight it in a gorgeous font, print it (and frame it)". Now that to me is art for your home, your office, your haven...
I have already signed up for My Bookshhop's bookclub (& I've never signed up for one before!) & I'm very much looking forward to visiting again soon for a dose of festive cheer, where her customers will enjoy Christmas shopping evenings, champagne, new book titles. Problem gifts will be sorted, wrapped & tagged in gorgeous literary style!
513 Malvern Road
Ph: 03 9824 2990


  1. Oh this looks fantastic .. and I am heading over that way next week so cant wait to pop in and see whats on the shelves. Can I stop myself from purchasing another suitcase of books? hmmm

  2. What a lovely looking little shop! I just love going into a good bookstore and browsing. I think it would be such a wonderful place to work. Great blog!

  3. There is nothing for relaxing than a good book store. That one looks like it would be so much fun to shop in.
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  4. OMG!!! What a wonderful place. I don't mind locking myself here for a week :) Thanks for sharing this heavenly spot.