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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Exciting new retail concept in Melbourne...opening soon....

Opening Soon...

The Colour Lab Store/Cafe - Melbourne

Hello there!! I know, it's been far too long since I last posted a blog, but I have been very involved in a very exciting new retail brand, due to open VERY SOON!!

The Colour Lab Store/Cafe, the pilot store for a dynamic global roll out plan, is situated next to the beautiful Victoria Gardens in Prahran, Melbourne. It brings together a brilliant concept that is bound to soon become a destination location for retail, cafe & health lovers, embracing layers of colour in food, home, & for yourself, to enjoy, share & experience!!

This is an all encompassing new business brand & philosophy for creator & owner, Roz Mackay, an amazingly energetic, inspiring & passionate entrepreneur who has previously shared this collective vision in individual portfolios, including retail homewares & Interiors, cafes & art galleries.

The Colour Lab Store/Cafe - Melbourne, will offer a range of services & products, from cafe, take home produce, convenience shopping for busy professionals, weekend hampers for picnics in the park, gifts for every occasion, Vision Board workshops (a must for men & women, truly inspiring & insightful), & event management, fresh juices for that morning energy boost, to the best in coffee from Byron Bay Coffee Company.

Colour is energy, emotion & personal expression in all that we do, how we live, what we eat & how we feel. From the moment you walk in the door (& what a landmark door it is!), to the moment you leave, the team at The Colour Lab Store/Cafe - Melbourne, want to make sure that every customer feels energised, rejuvenated, happy & enjoy the very best possible 'feel good' experience...

Stay tuned for The Colour Lab Store/Cafe - Melbourne lead up & opening...we can hardly wait!!!

The Colour Lab
385 High St.,
Prahran, VIC 3181
P: 03 9510 3858


  1. Yeah you are back! The new store sounds divine and I am heading over there soon .. congratulations and I cant wait to see such an exciting new edition to the Melbourne scene.

  2. Sounds very exciting - bet you have been really busy Claire...Hope all is well and can't wait to hear more...x

  3. Hi Claire - am sure I commented before - maybe it did not take! Anyway, just wanted to say it sounds amazing.. good luck and let us know when you are finally open! x

  4. What a gorgeous little blog you have going on here. I have just stumbled across it, and it is a treasure, especially welcome for a local Melbourne girl!

  5. Hi Claire, congrats to you, Roz and all the team on this STUNNING achievement. The Colour Lab is utterly unique, clever and creative, and I am so happy you are now my local coffee spot! Looking forward to seeing you and the girls more often. Just really impressed with the concept, as I can see and feel how nurturing and inspiring the store is for women at our age and stage of life. Well done. x

  6. I love your Coffee spot,just walking in is a pleasure,how good to have beautiful staff and food ,I live in Brighton(so what you might say)however I mention this only to express my joy finding you and finding you is the problem,only through word of mouth,passing one would never know I thought it was an up market paint shop,so for what it's wort hmy friends and I agree a great name but very misleading