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Monday, November 29, 2010

Melting Magic in Nottinghill

Melt. What a deliciously appropriate name for a gorgeous chocolatier, in the heart of divine Nottinghill. Family, festive spirit & merchandising delights for all to enjoy, as shared by Bill Granger & his 3 daughters. Chocolate treats & perfect gifts all wrapped up in bonbon colours, simply yet beautifully displayed & something for all ages. I love the idea of one gift, whether it be a bonbon chocolate, soap, or a decoration for the tree, buy one in each colour, make a story, & make a statement, simple & understated - one of each colour, wrapped in a gorgeous little carry bag & tied with grosgrain ribbon to match, finished of course with a simple festive tag.

Hot pink with orange, lime & hotpink, or all 3 together, always looks fresh, happy & very chic. Hydrangeas & fairy lights, Jo Malone Candles, traditional carols, mince tarts, shortbread & eggnog, yes, I'm ready for Christmas coffee with friends:-)

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  1. Claire - a very Happy christmas to you. All good wishes for 2011, Sarah x