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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Passion For Flowers.

Flowers are beautiful at anytime of the year, and I have always loved having them around me. Whether at home, or in your office environment, don't wait to enjoy them only on 'special occasions'. Whether a small bunch of gardenias, daphne, roses, country or coastal plantings, or something unusual that you have found, who doesn't enjoy fragrance, colour, form and or beauty? Enjoy a single stem or a bunch, put them in anything that holds them the way they sit best, whether traditional glass vases, hurricane lamps (minus of course the candles!), urns, jugs, empty candle votives (they can still look fabulous even when the candle has long finished) or a jar of which the shape and design is of aesthetic appeal, create your own floral touch.
Whether you put your flowers 'on display' as a focal point in your bedroom, kitchen, on a hallway sideboard (always nice to see when you walk in the door), on a collection of your favourite books, with shells, a candle or in the bathroom, they are always a pleasure to look at and enjoy on any given day.
Something I love to do, particularly as the weekend is approaching, is to visit Pash Flowers (in Bayside Brighton, Melbourne). What a stunning array of blooms they always have.The staff are wonderful, and can always make the simplest of flowers a stunning creation with their amazing wrapping. If you are having a special event, they will create the perfect look, traditional, contemporary, bold or bright, but always understated and just right.
Pash Flowers and Homewares 385 Bay Street, Brighton
Phone: 95966255


  1. you inspired me to go out and get some flowers!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Thanks Sasha!!!Enjoy them and have a wonderful weekend enjoying them around you!! :-)