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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wonderful White

Working with white is effortless, & always works back brillianttly with any palette. It is tranquil, timeless, tasteful, functional & practical. Regardless of whether decorating a small space or whole interior, it creates light where there is none, & the sense of space where there is little. Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom to living, it is the perfect trans-seasonal base. It allows you endless options to mix & match textures, furniture & finishes, from warm shades to cooler tones depending upon the seasons. White is classic, it never dates & always works. My 'White Must Haves' Include:
  • White Kitchen Aid (The perfect kitchen investment to make anyone a better cook!)
  • White benches
  • White Cupboards
  • White Adirondeck Chairs
  • White letters
  • White Waffle Bedlinen
  • White Plantation Shutters
  • White Bath towels
  • White Wash Tressle Desk
  • White Rhodondendrons
  • White shells, coral & pebbles for decorative touches

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