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Friday, February 6, 2009

Think Colour, Think Designers Guild


I had the great pleasure of meeting Tricia Guild some years ago at the Melbourne launch of her beautiful book "think pink", and I was quite overcome by her whole way of being: her love of life, for the natural beauty of colour, texture and pattern in everything she sees, translates into visually stunning celebrations of colour and texture in her collections for home, inside and out. The scope of what she has created over almost 40 years is breathtaking. For many years I have had much enjoyment when working with my clients incorporating Designers Guild collections, including fabrics, bedlinen, furniture, and accessories. The end result, whether decorating one room, several rooms, a whole house or simply cushions and bedlinen, is always pure delight, as Tricia Guild's constantly evolving passion for colour and its interaction in our way of life will never cease to inspire and infuse us.

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