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Monday, April 13, 2009

Bedhead Luxury

My favourite Bedhead Style -Tailored, Timeless, Streamlined & Versatile
(Private Home, Southern Highlands NSW)
Private Residence, Kyneton, Victoria (featured in "Australian Country Style" Nov 08).
An elegant, classical design, & the classic check ensures timeless appeal

Private Chalet ("Cote Est" Dec 08)

I love this bedhead, it makes such a statement, but is another example of timeless appeal by way of the simplicity in the design, & the understated sophistication in both the fabric & colour, just divine.

"Groom's Cottage"- St. Agnes Homestead, Kyneton VIC

Simple, strong, balanced. The height & stud detailing of this linear design creates a very strong & rather masculine statement, but the softness of the lighting creates a perfect ambience that is both inviting & aesthetically balanced against the scale of the bedhead.

Bedlinen Image as featured in Abode Winter 09 Catalogue

Yes, my favourite colour palette, so relaxing, light & luxurious, whites & naturals, soft textures. Not everyone wants their bedhead to make a statement. For some, the aesthetic appeal is all about the bedlinen, & the bedhead serves purely as unobtrusive headboard behind the pillows. Depending upon the ceiling height & size of a bedroom, I always think that if you are going to have a bedhead, it should still be part a feature, even if a subtle one. In this case, I think another 30-45cm would be a perfect height, still making the bedlinen the feature, but the bedhead would frame it beautifully.

Private Residence France ("Cote Est" Dec 08)

Chic, sophisticated, divine. The stunning upholstery against the raw stone creates a gorgeous statement of contrast.


  1. Looove the one from Groom's Cottage!
    I actually have been wanting to re-upholster mine for some time!!! and this might just push me to do finally do it! As always, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Claire - what a delight your beautiful blog is! Will add you to my Blogroll pronto.
    Millie ^_^

  3. Thank you so much Millie for your lovely comments, just what inspires each of us to keep sharing the beautiful things we discover with one another! Thank you:-)

  4. Thanks Sasha, as always, for another enthusiastic comment! I love sharing inspiration with my fabulously talented and clever blog friends!! Yes, love that bedhead too, simple, tailored & timeless, never fails! :-) Claire

  5. Just visiting & am thinking to grab some of your ideas, thanks?

    Happy w/end!

  6. Lovely post, I love the photos of the french beds - J'aime beaucoup!

    L x

  7. Thank you to my new visitors! Lovely to have your comments & feedback, much appreciated. Enjoy, &I look forward to sharing continued inspiration & ideas with you! Happy weekend:-) Claire