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Sunday, April 12, 2009

What Is Your Personal Style...?

Last week I was interviewed for an upcoming decorating feature article in one of the newspaper magazines. The photographer's task was to capture the interview in appropriate images from around my home, but what he captured behind the lens will surely create another perspective.
What photos will be featured in the article is unknown, but it began our conversation about how our homes are a story book, always evolving, never static, & bearing our personal imprint. What touches & spaces he was drawn too were not ones I chose to highlight simply because for me, they don't carry significant meaning, despite belonging in the various spaces & rooms, & therefore to me looking 'right' where they sit.

For those of you who are reluctant to express your own style in your own home, don't be. If you don't feel confident purchasing new pieces for your home, begin by experimenting with furniture placement, gathering your favourite pieces in another space, changing room layouts, getting rid of once loved favourites. Don't be afraid to have space, it can create a feature of other furnishings. Don't be daunted by what the lens sees, just enjoy creating the images that make you feel good, that you can proudly stamp as your own personal style with confidence!

Stay tuned for the magazine article, & my linen bedhead is on the way. :-)

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  1. Look forward to seeing more pictures of your home! I can only imagine how beautiful you house is. Love the way to arrange the pillows!!!!