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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting Dressed

Whether your style is neat & streamlined or inviting & warm, having your own dressing room or space is all about you, & should make you feel fabulous. It's not just about your clothing, shoes & bags, accessories, jewellery & fragrances, but about enjoying it as an expression of yourself. Now I don't have a dressing room, but I do enjoy floor to ceiling cupboards with plenty of shelving & hanging space. Having worked in retail fashion for some years, I soon developed a great appreciation for having space to hang clothes well, with room, by colour, by season.
I am often referred to as the 'racking queen' by those who know me well (for you know I apply this to bedlinen, throws & quilts too!) but really, if you're going to invest the money in what you wear, you really do appreciate it so much more when you see your favourite pieces well displayed & ready for you to enjoy, whether it be a suit, your favourite jacket or shirt, shoes or scarf.
I'm sure many women & men appreciate wardrobe space, & ideally would have something similar to one of the dressing rooms featured above. However, even without this luxury, when you open your wardrobes in the morning, or walk into your dressing rooms at the end of the day, seeing your belongings well presented & organised makes a morning rush so much easier to manage.
Getting dressed, whether for work, a special occasion, or simply for the day ahead should not always be the rush we seem to experience. Whether your dressing room is purpose built or simply a space you've created in your bedroom, if you can, enjoy it with a beautiful bench, chair or stool, flowers, a candle, hints of favourite scents. It does wonders for your wellbeing for the rest of the day, & hopefully takes away that morning rush, even if only for a few minutes.
And just a little style tip, buy wooden coathangers, and make sure you hang them all the same way - I know, racking, but not only will your clothing look better, your wardrobe will look absolutely fabulous!!!

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  1. Nice post babes,I always use wooden or soft padded clothes hangers.
    My other tip would be to put lavender in little sachets, as it helps to keep moths at bay, also when you open your wardrobe/closet doors, you get the nice fresh smell of a summers day, no matter the weather outside.

    Much love
    Lia xx