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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hart Lodge New Zealand

As you well know by now, I have a great passion & appreciation for New Zealand, & so here again I am showcasing another divine retreat, Hart Lodge.
Hart Lodge is a luxury boutique lodge nestled between Tauranga & Rotorua, & is part of the International Select Group of Hotels & Resorts, boasting spectacular views overlooking the majestic Bay of Plenty in the North Island. It has recently been completely refurbished incorporating the perfect fusion of classical & contemporary interior design.
The Hart is the perfect retreat for romantic vacations, special occasions & celebrations, weekend retreats, business seminars & events. It is evident in all aspects of services, facilities & design that the owners Julie & Graham Raw have given utmost consideration to creating the ultimate experience of pampering & comfort for each & every guest. Yes, another one for my destination location list!


  1. Oooooooh!

    Let me know when your ready to book Claire, would love to join you there.
    I went and looked at the website, it's such a beautiful place, so elegant and refined.
    The owners have clearly put in a lot of thought and it shows
    Thanks for sharing.
    much love,
    Lia xx

  2. Isn't it divine Lia?!! Thanks for your lovely comments, and how wonderful it is to share something so gorgeous! So many more beautiful retreats in New Zealand to uncover, & therefore to share, so keep in touch!Claire :-)

  3. How beautiful is that first shot of the lodge .. NZ'rs have such a unique creativity! Having worked for a NZ coy I saw it in the way they looked at the world. Lets go Claire!

  4. I know, don't you just want to jump into that first photo and be there?! Yes, one for us girls to pop on our getaway lists!:-)

  5. WOW - I am in love with the light fixture in the peak of the white room w/the gold colored ceiling! I love it!

  6. ohh wuaww what a fabulous place! to-die-for, even thought it's not my choice for my house the decor in black and white looks fantastic!
    Hope you are doing great!!