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Friday, August 28, 2009

Nog 'n Piep -In Praise of Friendship & Artistic Passion

Nog 'n Piep is a celebration of friendship & a shared passion for beautiful handmade pieces. Inspired by the talents and creativity of three fabulous women - Camilla Cicoria, Dana Lavercock and Nicole Rickard. Their partnership objective is to create unique quality products they simply love, which is very evident when you ask them about any one of their product range. An item that you can present with pride & that will add something special to an already stylish room.

"Using a selection of irresistible linen & silk, gorgeous fabrics & original hand stamped prints, our pieces are sophisticated enough to create your own coordinated look anywhere in the home. Our collection includes feather cushions, cards, wall art, framed artwork & other d├ęcor accessories."

Make sure you keep popping online to their site so you know where to next view their beautiful wares, perhaps at the next Red Hill Market or the fabulous Magnolia Square market...

1 comment:

  1. I love their work, it's so lovely. I really must get down to some serious creative work myself.

    How did the workshop go babes, I am sure it was great success.
    much love,
    Lia xx