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Monday, September 28, 2009

Gelati Inspiration

Hello there! After almost 4 weeks, Haven Home returns. I don't know where the past month has gone, suffice to say, another exciting series of designersecrets has finished, school holidays are midway through, the football season is over, cricket has begun, Spring is well and truly upon us, with Melbourne's racing season about to begin. Gardens are bursting with colour & scent, grass is green, & daylight saving is just around the corner.
Energy abounds to redecorate & reorganise interiors to prepare for outdoor living & festive entertaining, & what wonderful inspiration comes from Spring blooms. Whilst going through my library of interior magazines the other day I came across these beautiful images. such stunning combinations of colour - raspberry, fuschia, gelati pink, mango & strawberry shades- what a perfect way to wake up your home from Winter.


  1. Hello Beautiful,
    I have been wondering what you have been up to and where you had gone to.
    Good to see you back and you sound like you are bouncing with Spring joy.
    After a terrible Summer, we are now having a glorious Autumn here, the weather has been lovely.
    However we have had to have the heating on for an hour or so a couple of times this past week or so.

    Good to see you back and full of life, your blog will see me through he cold days to come, so I am looking forward to spending Summer with you. You know how much I love your posts.

    Much love,
    Lia xx

  2. Hello lovely Lia!! Thank you for your gorgeous comments, I really appreciate it:-) So glad to hear Autumn has arrived for you, my absolutely favourite season. Enjoy the changing of the leaves and the joy they bring... so lovely to hear from you again, have a wonderful week:-)

    Best wishes, Claire x