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Friday, February 19, 2010

Life in Lherm

Hydrangeas, shuttered windows, french doors, 'picture perfect' charm & beauty captured the heart of Australian writer Susan Fraser & her husband to their "maison de maitre" in Lherm, an unspoilt & untouched countryside pocket in the Lot Valley, found between Dordogne & The French Riviera, in the South West of France.

Longing for change from the darkness of Winter months in the north of France, the abundance of light filled days & landscape colour in Lherm has now become home. Together they have restored & refurbished the walls of stone & within, with eclectic & personal collections of furniture & pieces they have gathered from their travels. Their unique finds from auction houses to junkyards find new life in a very warm & welcoming home, where their obvious passion for old world french aesthetic provides endless inspiration for their "medieval gem".

To quote Susan " With it's beautiful crooked structural beams, the attic is like an upside-down boat. Windows punched into the 'hull' transform this once dark & dusty space into a sunny, open bedroom with views over the town & its valley..."

"...The wooden step ladder, originally from Boston, came from an auction house in the north, & the art deco desk lamp was saved from a Paris street when the Banque de France was doing a big throw-out."

Yes, everything that is within this beautiful stone maison is home...inside & out.


  1. So beautiful...I feel right at home there too! You have a gorgeous blog!

  2. Oh lovely, lovely.
    Do you suppose they would sell it to me for shirt buttons, due to lack of real fund lol.
    Much love