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Monday, February 22, 2010

New Season's Couture from Bianca Lorenne

"Porta" bedspread

"Sylvetta" Bedspread

"Acacia" Bedspread

I've profiled this beautiful bedlinen before, & I'm doing it again because it's simply so divine! A combination of texture, warm hues, bespoke detailing & layered luxury is what defines the Bianca Lorenne brand, not to mention the delightful team behind it. If you're heading to the trade fair in Sydney later this week, make sure you visit Stand 163, because with Autumn almost upon us, you need to see their latest collections, not only for your clients' benefit, but definitely your own.

Introduce a touch of something gorgeous into your bedroom this season. Indulge with the timeless appeal of an eiderdown, Italian Cotton sheets (of 800 thread count), a limited edition quilt to fold & feature at the end of the bed, or create an ecletic aesthetic with cushions in velvet, silk or wool felt with embroidered detail.

The gorgeous pale sage green velvet and charcoal paisley print are my favourites for now, but I'm sure I'll be adding to my must have selection in Sydney!!

Stand 163
Life in Style
25th - 28th February
Moore Park


  1. I love the colours in that photo.
    Grey is such a lovely colour for blending with just about any other colour on the wheel.

    Wish I could come and go to the trade fair with you, I reckon it would be loads of fun.

    You'll just have to take a million photo's for me to enjoy with you instead.

    Much love and have fun

  2. Particularly lovely... will definitely look out for the stand - thank you...