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Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Picnic at Montalto

I love Easter, I love Autumn, so my favourite time of year is almost here, & a picnic at Montalto awaits! It really is the most gorgeous experience, one to be shared with family, friends or of course, just for two. Ideally it is best suited to one of Melbourne's idyllic Autumn days - sunshine, blue sky, & perfectly temperate for a picnic amongst the orchards on the spectacular landscape of the Mornington Peninsula, at Red Hill South.

Whether you choose to dine upon the hill, enjoy sea views, or picnic adjacent to the orchard groves, your gourmet delights will arrive by Morrey, the much loved red Morris Minor. Whether you choose to authenticate the experience by dining on the lawns, or indulging with crisp white linen & table attire, a picnic at Montalto in Autumn really is a gorgeous experience.

Montalto Vineyard and Olive Grove
Red Hill South


  1. I want to come it sounds wonderful.
    Funny hearing you talk about Easter and Autumn all in one simple sentence. It's so at odds with what's going on here. We are awaiting the resurgence of Spring, quickly followed by Summer and the warmer weather, where as you are getting ready for Autumn and winter.

    much love

  2. Just come from looking up this website - amazing! You always come up with some fabulous things to do/see around the area, Claire - thank you! x

  3. Thanks girls for your lovely comments as always, always wonderful sharing places I love with others.

    Happy weekend to you both:-)

    Claire xx