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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter - The perfect holiday

Easter is the perfect holiday of the year. A package of 4 days set in ideal weather, it is a time for sharing simple pleasures with family & friends (of course with hot cross buns & Easter eggs included). Unlike Christmas, it doesn't include frantic schedules, overloaded calendars or frenzied shopping lists.

Picnics anywhere the autumn leaves take you, walks along the beach, cooler evenings, slower mornings, Easter egg hunts, children playing in the park, our annual Good Friday family breakfast, all precious things to relish during the Easter holiday period.

Over the past few days I have enjoyed seaside walks, strolled through Melbourne's beautiful Botanic Gardens, ridden into the evening along the bay,(I've rediscovered the passion of bike-riding - free, fun & very enviro-friendly!), cooked without rushing, lingered longer over morning lattes, champagne toasts at the new Prada store, experienced fabulous service with delightful enthusiasm amidst the accentuated pace of retail at Easter. I feel rejuvenated, invigorated, & enjoying the simplest of things without needing to rush & accommodate the next meeting or appointment. Tomorrow, I will be sharing with you my latest library title, which is absolutely divine & I know you will just love it...!

I hope you too are enjoying Easter, savour it, enjoy it, relax.


  1. As a fellow Melburnian I am in complete agreement - it's just been a wonderful, relaxing break.

  2. Dear Claire - it sounds as if you are having a wonderful few days and I so agree with you - no pressure over this holiday - just relaxing and enjoying! Just about to board the plane so I will catch up with you again in UK! Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog - you are so sweet. (I missed the opening of the new Prada store - one for my list on my return definitely!!) X

  3. I agree with you that Easter is the relaxing holiday that Christmas isn't.
    Lots of cooking still but not so much running around like a headless chook.

    I hope you had a good one
    Much love

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