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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Interior House Designs

Megan Gates is an active American blogger who shares her expertise and insight on New York City Luxury Real Estate, Hamptons beachfront properties, home improvement, and the latest architecture, design and fashion, and I welcome her as a guest writer with her post on "Interior House Designs"...enjoy.

Interior Design for Manhattan Homes Currently, modern art deco design principles and Asian decor are popular in New York. Designer Donna Karan has influenced this design trend with her "Zen" Manhattan apartment design. She likes simple colors and furnishings. Many times a black and white color palette is used to give a modern, yet clean feel to the home. The minimalist decor provides a calming effect to the individuals that enter the home. Many of the modern art deco apartments use natural materials. For instance, many of the Manhattan homes feature hardwood, marble or lowpile Berber carpeting for the flooring. The paint may be a sundry of colors ranging from cool grays to complement a monochromatic room to a vibrant green, depending upon the designers and homeowner's preference.
Granite, glass, copper, bronze and masonry are also popular materials of the Manhattan designer. Many homeowners are also adding concrete floors to homes for a modern effect and durability. Colored concrete is ideal for Manhattan lofts and spaces that receive high traffic. Much of the furniture is Asian inspired with clean, perpendicular lines. Asian furniture, beds included, has a low profile and often blends into the environment as a modern piece of art. Manhattan homes have numerous unique designs.

Interior Design for Hamptons Beach HomesHamptons beach homes often feature the natural colors of the beach area. The light and cool color palettes are very popular in a Hamptons beach home. Walls are often white or some neutral color. Light blues, greens or yellows are also common.
The furniture often complements the wall color with a lighter color. The decor is casual, but remains light with linen-upholstery and the use of wicker furniture. Nautical stripes, florals, toile and gingham are common in a Hamptons beach home.
Sun-bleached hardwood aged flooring often works with the decor in these homes. Contemporary styling is common, but it is balanced with wood, period hardware and bead board walls. Rustic elements may be added to give the space an antique feel. Many people in the Hamptons do not like the contemporary feel for their Hampton beach home.
Lighter colors help to illuminate the natural lighting. Large windows are a focal point of many Hamptons beach homes to maximise the view. Many of the homes also have natural lighting as well. Plants are also used to balance the home.

General Country Homes
Country style homes are casually elegant. The designs are often simple and are esigned to provide comfort to the homeowner. The furniture is practical and sturdy. Red, beige and white are some of the most popular colors for a country home. Rocking chairs and hardwood floors are common.
Country homes are universal. Depending upon the region of the world, a country home may vary. Other than traditional country, both French country style and English country style are also popular.
French country, for instance, has a bright color palette with the use of lavender, eggplant green, yellow and blue. The fabrics for the furniture are also bright. Florals or animal patterns are often featured, as is heavy wood furniture. Lavender wreaths, roosters and lamps are often decorative items placed in the rooms.
English country style relies more on the deep red, forest greens and brown color palettes. The rooms are dark with the use of tweed, leather and other heavy wood furniture. Large mahogony bookcases and overstuffed furniture is often common in the decor. Brass is also common for door and cabinet hardware.


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