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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mint Home Spring/Summer 2011

Having a great appreciation for understated, relaxed contemporary style & a love for natural materials & neutral colour palettes, I was immediately drawn to the divine new Spring/Summer collection of Mint Home at Melbourne's August Trade fair. I love the combinations of textures, tones & lines of this brand. My new favourite pieces include the New York Hurricane with Candle - perfect of course for candles, ice or flowers, & the Hudson Tray for entertaining, or as a stand alone feature piece. As for the Citrus Mint story? Sublime.


  1. Hi Claire,

    I agree I was also immediately drawn to the Mint Home stand at the trade fair...I have just launched an online homeware store focusing on entertaining and am selling alot of their beautiful your blog and your style.


  2. Wow, I really enjoyed looking at the photos. Could have been better in real life.

  3. I really like your post. Its amazingly decorate your dining table and house. Thanks for sharing this fantastic post.