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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Antique Heaven in a Hamptons Haven

Renowned antique dealers, Zoe Hoare (Appley Hoare Antiques) & Chris Mead (English Country Antiques) have created a beautiful home of this 1740's 'saltbox' cottage in the Hamptons, (built from the hulls of an old ship). With a fresh interior palette of white replacing the once dark & dingy space, & the proximity to the Ocean view, they have created a relaxed & charming haven full of their much loved antique finds & unique pieces. Every room is a story in itself with character & charm aplenty. I adore the gravel driveway, complete with the 1950s Schwinn 'Typhoon' Bicycles (discovered at a local antique fair) & my favourite of all, the divine hedge of white hydrangeas...just what I've planted in my front garden, I hope they look like this!


  1. Won't those hydrangeas look divine when they are in full the blue bikes in the driveway as well!

  2. This house is a dream house for antique lovers. An inspiration. Very beautiful.

  3. I really like your post about Antique Heaven in a Hamptons Haven. In this blogs all house is looks beautiful.