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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Eichardt's Boutique Hotel, Queenstown

Hello there! Finally after many, many months away from Haven Home & Style, I'm back. I've been enjoying a few months off, and it's been a wondeful time to spend more time doing the things I enjoy not just tasks than need to be done! More time with family, friends, discovering new places, gorgeous new retail spaces & cafes, & generally just appreciating simple pleasures in day to day living without always working to timeframes and schedules.

I've loved connecting with new friends, and reconnecting with dear friends that mutually, we never have enough time to really catch up. I have loved spending more time at home, nurturing both family & our home life, having fun reorganising corners & spaces with flowers & candles, & of course always spending a moment or two doing a bit of 'remerchandising here & there". With that has come the joy of indulging in one of my great loves, magazines and design books, & reading. Coffee & wine are the perfect compliment to all of the above & although I have not been sharing my finds on my blog, I am loving sharing when I catch up with friends - new books, places to travel, weekend getaways, the latest cafes & best coffee, new season's collections, & so many more things to enjoy & I'm sure I'm all the better for it.

Alors, I'm learning French & having a ball! Investing more time in my favourite blog posts every week has brought me continued inspiration, particularly all things en francais! I love Vicki Archer's beautiful blog French Essence, - don't we all?!), Jane Webster's latest title, "French Ties, Love, Life & Recipes" & Janelle McCulloch's "Paris, A guide to the city's creative heart", & I collectively thank all of these fabulous women for inspiring me to study the beauty of the french language again.

I have reconnected with old friends from New Zealand, and in doing so, I am planning a return trip to one of my favourite boutique hotels, Eichardt's Hotel, situated in Queenstown on the waterfront of Lake Wakatipu, & it's absolutely sublime. The interior is by renowned New Zealand Interior Designer Virginia Fisher, & I'm sure you'll agree, the interiors are divine. Luxurious textures & rich colour palettes, complimented by unique, one off pieces, collectively make Eichardt's a warm & sophisticated interior.  


  1. Enjoyed reading your post since it highlights many fascinating experiences. And oh the hotel? It defines luxury.

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